Why Perspex Sheeting Is Taking Over The Signage Industry

Every once in a while, a new technology or manufacturing process completely changes an industry's direction. For hundreds of years signs were made in mostly the same way: paint on some form of canvas, either wood or metal. Perspex was invented in the 1930s but it took a while before people started to realise just how beneficial it could be for signage. Here are a few reasons why cut to size perspex sheeting could be something to consider for your businesses signage, and how to go about getting it made.

Virtually No Wear And Tear

The obvious and immediate benefit that cut to size perspex sheeting has over traditional components is that it does not show wear and tear anywhere near as much as wood, timber or paint. Water, sun, hail, dirt, dust and any other type of debris do not penetrate the surface or bleach the colour of signage made out of perspex because of its hardy construction and tough surface. That means that you have to clean it less, and you only need a replacement when you want to change the style or font of your signage, not due to anything wrong with the sign itself. 

Easy To Customise

The great thing about this material is that not only can you get cut to size perspex sheeting in any shape or pattern you want, but you can also get it in any colour. If you have a more modern, brutalist aesthetic in mind then perhaps dark grey or black would suit you. On the other hand, if you want to go for a more funky and lively look you could try a burgundy red or a tropical green. The only thing limiting you is your imagination. While other signage materials might take months to fulfil a custom order like that, perspex sheeting can be done in days.

Price Point

Of course, price is always going to be a major factor when it comes to any business decision. When compared to a similar material, like glass, perspex is far cheaper and also weighs less, which means that it if you are transporting it from far away that it takes less effort. Many people who might prefer a more traditional look like wood or metal realise that these would cost thousands of dollars, which is hard to justify when you see a similarly sized piece of perspex going for just a fraction of that. If you are tight on money and need a great looking and long-lasting sign, you simply cannot beat a nice cut to size perspex sheeting option.