How Rubber Stamps Can Help You to Regulate Your Event

If you are an event organiser and need to make sure that you keep a close eye on who comes into or out of your venue, then you will need to have some form of control. You may have to regulate attendance based on a certain age if alcohol is a factor, or you may need to identify people who may come back for re-entry, if this is allowed. What is the best way to handle this?

In Control

Certain types of event are heavily regulated, and as the organiser, you may be responsible for complying with regulations. In particular, you may have to keep all of your attendees safe and make sure that they do not do anything that you could be liable for.

Furthermore, you may want to make life as easy as possible for your event staff, especially if the venue will be particularly busy. In any case, the staff members may need to identify certain attendees, and you have to come up with a simple process.

Rubber Stamp

While there are many ways to look at this problem as you seek a solution, you should carefully consider using rubber stamps. These are quite easy to deal with and do not cause any real delay at the threshold, so you should be able to achieve your goals without any drama.

When somebody presents themselves and qualifies, the door person can then apply a rubber stamp impression to the back of their hand. This may signify that their ID had been checked and that they are now eligible to buy alcoholic beverages at the bar.

Organic Solution

Some people may not be too happy to have an ink impression on their skin, but in this case, you may be able to get rubber stamps that are supplied with organic ink instead. These are perfectly safe from this point of view, and the ink may be relatively easy to wash off once an attendee makes their way home.


If you have a multi-day event, then you can opt for the same rubber stamp design but should simply use a different coloured ink on subsequent days.


Make life as easy as possible for yourself and for your event staff and make sure that you comply with all relevant regulations at the same time. Talk with your service provider and give them your simple design and they can come up with as many rubber stamps as you need.