3 Ways to Improve the Digital Signage Experience in Restaurants

The restaurant industry in Australia is very competitive, and only businesses that provide customers with a memorable experience survive. Notably, customers rate restaurants according to their experience rather than the quality of food that is served. Therefore, it is critical to provide the best possible experience to customers consistently. One way to improve the client experience is by turning television sets into digital signage. Instead of just showing sports and news programs, the TVs in your restaurant can offer much more.

This article explores ways you can use the TV as a digital signage option for better customer experience in your restaurant.

Interactive Social Media Feeds

Social media has become ubiquitous to the extent that people of all ages have access to different platforms. Since most people like sharing their experiences with restaurants, you can take advantage of the trend and provide a platform where clients can share live posts. With the right software, you can turn the TVs in your establishment to feature live posts from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  As the live posts scroll on the digital signage, guests can see their posts thereby enhancing collaboration. However, make sure that you filter any profane or negative posts.

Welcome Graphics 

The mode of reception of guests in a restaurant affects their overall experience. That is why restaurants are looking for ingenious and fresh ways of welcoming their guests including use of digital signage. For instance, if a local organisation books the restaurant for a meeting or fundraiser, you can create high-quality graphics that are themed after the event. The graphics can be programmed to play continuously during the meeting or event. Welcome graphics on digital signage establishes a sense of belonging thereby cultivating customer loyalty.

Product Recognition

TVs with capacitive touch-screens offer a broad range of benefits in the digital signage segment. One such advantage is product recognition which can be of great value if your restaurant is going to cater to the upper-middle class and upper class. For example, people who love to wine and dine are always open to trying out new flavours of the wine. However, it can be tricky to know the origin of a limited edition bottle of wine without assistance from a waiter. Digital signage allows you to enter information regarding the various products that you stock. When guests place an order for a bottle of wine, all the information regarding the wine pops up. Therefore, guests can learn a lot about your products through digital signage.