Sign Writing: Essential Considerations to Have In Mind

For some people, sign writing may sound simple enough. Simply come up with some words and have them posted on a board that you will place at a strategic location, right? Wrong! There are a number of intricacies that go into signs to ensure that your choice of signage is not only attractive but effective too. However, since sign writers are bound to adhere to their customers' wishes, it is up to you to ensure that your sign will be as useful as possible. Below are some of the essential considerations that you should have in mind when contemplating sign writing services.

Consider the type of sign

One of the first things that you should bear in mind is where your sign will be located as well as its initial function. For instance, do you want your sign to hang high up a building or do you want it on the street as a directional aid? Is the sign going to be lit by the ambient light or will you invest in individual lighting for your signage? Knowing the functionality as well as the location will give the sign writer a better idea as to how best to convey the message for you.

Consider the audience for your sign

An often-overlooked aspect about signs is the actual wording that is going to be used. For instance, some people may opt to use technical jargon in an attempt to attract like-minded individuals of the same field. However, what this does is exclude other people that may be interested in your product but may not be particularly familiar with the services you offer. Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to the wording is the age of your demographic. Some retailers may choose to attract millennials by using trendy lingo. However, this may exclude their older parents who may have more purchasing power than they do. Overall, ensure that your sign can be understood by all and sundry who come across it.

Consider the layout of the sign

A misconception some retailers have is that it would be best to pack in as much information as they can into their sign to inform the masses. However, a sign is not a print ad that people will peruse through while reading a newspaper. Instead, it is something people will glance at as they are on the move whether on foot or in their vehicles. Thus, you need to steer clear from large blocks of text in your signage. Instead, concise wording coupled with a graphic would be much more effective at putting your message across.