How to Turn Your Personal Artwork Into Products

If you are an artist -- whether you paint, take pictures or draw illustrations -- you can use your creations for various products. There are digital and physical products that often use unique artwork to improve their selling potential. Here are some different ways to turn your artwork into products you can sell.

Make Prints of Your Art or Photos

If you are a painter, drawer or photographer, then you can make prints of your art and sell those prints. This allows you to create something just once but profit by selling multiple prints to people. You can make these prints by using a digital printer, which allows you to have high-quality prints in more of a cost-effective manner. Consider making multiple sizes of each print to cater to different people's décor preferences. You can sell them online, locally or with a combination of both methods.

Sell Unique Artwork at Craft Shows

Another good option is to take your artwork and only sell the originals. This lets you create unique paintings or illustrations and increase the price since no prints or copies will be made. You can also do this with photography when you are really impressed with a picture you took. Make just one copy of the original photograph and sell it at street fairs or craft shows. Make sure it is known that this is the only copy and no replications are available. You can also sell your original artwork online.

Create Signage For Other Businesses

You can also use your unique illustrations to create logos and other graphics for businesses that need signs created. This allows you to get your artwork out there while making money by selling the graphics to other businesses who want unique illustrations for their signage. You can use your artwork for digital graphics or logos, branding or just to be incorporated into brochures, storefront signs or promotional signs. You can also use your artwork in graphics for vehicle signage for other businesses that decide to promote that way.

Print Custom Products

If you want to start your own store online, you can combine your artwork with digital printing to print the illustrations on various products. Someone might want to use your artwork along with a saying or name so that they can have a unique t-shirt with your artwork. You can also start a store with a line of products featuring your artwork, such as coffee mugs, dog name tags, backpacks or mouse pads.