Signs and Supplies You Need for Your Real Estate Business

As a commercial real estate agent, you need signs to alert prospective buyers about your properties. Ideally, you need a solid stock of signs so you are always ready to market a property. Here's what you need:

1. Site sign posts

If you are selling a site for commercial development or a commercial building with a large patch of grass in front of it, you need a prominent professional sign to alert buyers that the property is on the market. Site posts are sturdy weather resistant posts and frames or hooks designed to hold real estate signs.

Typically, these posts are classic wood or functional PVC. However, if you want to create a unique look for your brand, you can opt for another material. For example, if you're selling space for art galleries and restaurants in an up-and-coming area, you may want to opt for a funky stainless steel posts, but if you're selling historic buildings, you may want to opt for classy, ornate brass sign holders.

2. Decals to change messages

In most cases, you will order a few new signs for each property you list on the market. These signs list specific details about the property. However, you may also have signs that you use repeatedly. These may include directional signs to open houses or general signs advertising your services.

Decals allow you to change the messages on the signs you use repeatedly. For example, imagine you have an open house sign with a blank space for the time of the open house. Then, you can use time decals to alter the time as needed. Similarly, you can use plain black details to hide pieces of information on the signs as needed.

3. Window decals

In addition to decals that stick to signs, consider investing in some window decals. These are especially useful if you are selling commercial space in a shopping district where there is no space for a sign outside the building. They allow you to easily stick the sign to the inside of the window so that passersby can see it.

4. Tall banners

Tall banners help to draw attention in a range of settings. If you have a commercial property for sale along a freeway, you can position tall banners along the road leading up to your main sign. These tell drivers that a property for sale is coming up and it alerts them to pay attention.

These signs work great with general messages such as "commercial property for sale ahead" or "real esate sale". They also work well at trade shows or networking events. You can stick them in your booth, and their height increases your visibility through the show floor.

For more guidance on which types of signs you need for your commercial real estate business, contact a sign writer.