Outdoor Digital Signage: Why More Than One Layout is Necessary

Some business owners who do not hire professionals to manage their outdoor digital signage make the mistake of using only one layout to present the content beamed on those signs. That mistake eventually lowers the positive effect that the business would have received from the campaign. This article discusses some crucial reasons why you need to have different layouts for your digital signage. 

Prevent Burn In

Burn in refers to a ghostlike image that can remain imprinted on a digital screen when one image is left on the screen for a long time. That burnt in image may affect how clearly your target audience can see subsequent messages displayed on the digital sign. By having several layouts, burn in is avoided because no static image will stay on the screen long enough to be burnt in. Thus, the target audience will have a chance to get a clear communication on your digital signs that are free from the effects of burn in.

Wider Audiences Can Be Reached

Imagine that your digital signage is on a busy street. Different layouts help you to adjust the delivery of the content according to people's movement patterns so that your preferred audience receives the communication all the time. For example, when there is light traffic on the street, people are likely to pass by quickly. Such a reality means that a layout that has several pieces of information (such as a ticker and several image blocks) is unlikely to be effective because people will glance briefly at the signage and move on. Conversely, a single block of concise information (such as a special discounted product that you are promoting that day) is likely to be viewed by people glancing at the display for a few seconds. Thus, several layouts help you to change how you present your message based on prevailing circumstances in the places where your signage was installed.

Content Doesn't Go Stale

Many people are captivated by novelty. A single layout soon becomes ordinary and viewers lose interest. Switching layouts regularly (for example, each hour) helps to retain the attention of the people who have ever viewed the display because it will look fresh each time they look at it. Secondly, different layouts will enable different forms of media (such as video clips) to be viewed optimally. For example, a layout that uses most of the space on the screen will limit the chance that images in a video will look distorted.

As you can see, it is very important for you to have different layout templates for your digital signage. Contact a signage professional for help in case you lack the know-how to come up with attractive layouts for your digital display.